FindAir Platform
access to asthma insights

Online platform for remote asthma monitoring and patient management.
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Real time asthma insights  within your doctors’ reach

Data collected by smart inhalers is transmitted to app and shared with the doctor to provide them with constant access to patient's treatment

Automation tools
Quick and simple
to start
Enables easy contact with patient

Constant access
to your patients

Get access to smart inhaler data about asthma exacerbations to provide your patients with the best possible care

Real time treatment results
Automated monthly PDF reports
Invite patients for remote video consultations
Hello John,
Apparently your level of asthma control is dropping, it would be good for you to come for an visit. Please make an appointment as soon as you can.

Clever tools to make
doctor’s work easier

Our platform provides unique insights and screening tools, designed to make doctors’ work as smooth as possible.

Simple patient management
Focus on patients that need it the most
Enables remote therapy modification

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