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Remote data collection for your research

Boost your studies with precise data from smart inhalers
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Remote asthma monitoring
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FindAir System consists of 3 main components that work together to provide constant remote asthma care: Smart inhaler, Application and Platform. Each of these elements can be separately integrated right into your existing systems.

Smart Inhalers

Upgrade your system with smart inhalers to provide long term asthma care

Patient App

Get our app connected with smart inhalers or integrate our SDK to your own for this purpose

Data Viewing Platform

Use our platform for data viewing or get our API to receive all data where you want

Integrate Smart Inhaler services fast and seamlessly

FindAir solutions can be integrated right into your existing systems — quickly and without any effort on the patients’ side. If you already have your own platform or application we can add new functionalities and ways to view data from smart inhalers.

Data that only smart inhalers can provide

Data is collected almost seamlessly without putting any additional effort on patients to ensure realistic results.

Regular and Rescue medication usages
Environmental Data about every usage
Fully remote with no need for face-to-face contact

Solutions adjustable
to your needs

Our system is designed to be flexible and scalable to always match your needs

Quick to launch, even from scratch
One person can manage the whole system
Constant technical support

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