FindAir API
Get easy access to patients’ data

Simple way to transfer data from smart inhalers to your system
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Data from smart inhalers
right where you want it

FindAir API allows to gather data from smart inhalers without the need for your own platform or application, which makes it is a perfect tool for researchers and independent organizations.

Secure and reliable data transfer
Out of the box
Compatible with all FindAir devices

Access data in
the form you need

FindAir API is designed to be simple, consistent and easy to work with. Implementation usually takes no longer than 2 hours and requires no further maintenance.

Rescue & Regular Medication Usage
Weather, Pollen and Air Quality Data
Patients’ symptoms, forms & results

Secure and reliable
data transfer

All received data is transfered and stored in complience with European laws to provide maximum safety for the users.

Secure Data Storage
Full documentation
Constant technical support

Get easy access to
smart inhaler data today

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